Tổng đài LG-Ericsson IPECS-MG

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Tổng đài LG-Ericsson IPECS-MG



The iPECS-MG simplifies communications with a high quality hardware platform offering your business all the benefits of rich features and a broad range of capabilities with ease of use and simplified management. The iPECS-MG, which is ideal for Small and Medium businesses, offers a number of features and capabilities including:

  • Built-in services for customized platform
  • Basic hybrid ports consisting of 12 extensions and 4 AA (or IP) lines
  • SIP/IP capacity implemented for trunk and extension interfaces
  • Advanced telephony features like Directory Number (DN), Tandem
  • Switching,Tenant group,and LCR
  • TDM signaling processors handling CID, SMS, CPT, DTMF
  • Basic telephony resources such as door phone,alarm, paging, MOH
  • Optimized simple architecture
  • Less user options for hardware
  • Cost effective expansion
  • Easier operation and maintenance

The iPECS-MG offers an approach to IP that ensures increased application performance and enhancements in the areas of converged voice, data and multimedia along with security, mobility, management and serviceability. The iPECS-MG interworks seamlessly with LG-Ericsson UC solutions to extend full headquarters-based applications and capabilities to branch and remote offices.

  • Future-ready technology and open standards based architecture
  • Enhanced IP capability
  • Single IP for trunk, DHCP, SIP proxy, IP Security
  • Implementing latest PBX functions
  • Tandem, Directory number, Tenant group, etc.
  • Rich applications
  • LG-Ericsson Unified Communications Solution
  • Auto-attendant / Voice-mail for messaging
  • Powerful in-building Mobility solution with LG-Ericsson DECT and Wi-Fi technology
  • Network management solution for centralized management
  • Enhanced Terminal line-ups
  • LIP-8000 series for proprietary IP terminals
  • WiFi and DECT terminals for enterprise mobility
As a standalone solution, the iPECS-MG can be combined with a full range of LG-Ericsson voice and data products to create a complete converged business communications system that meets the unique requirements, challenges and budgets of SMBs. The iPECS-MG provides extensive telephony features and value-added applications and also supports a full range of LG-Ericsson phones – fixed or mobile sets, both IP and digital based, conference phones and soft clients. On the data side, LG-Ericsson’s data portfolio drives the solution’s networking capabilities with certified tested and proven Ethernet switches – providing high-speed data transfer, secure Internet access, VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Tying these elements

together are the Network Management Solution. This software tool allows centralized configuration and monitoring of all these devices, both on premises or remotely.

  • Consolidated IPT portfolio : Single line-up for SMB
  • Combined with a full range of terminals and applications
  • Integrated with secure networking capabilities
  • Centralized management with LG-Ericsson data products
A smooth migration from TDM based environment to a single IP network is eased with the iPECS-MG enabling your small to mid-sized business to protect your investment and seamlessly migrate to an IP converged world when it works best for your business. The iPECS-MG platform simultaneously supports IP and traditional business sets to support a single IP network or mixed network (TDM & IP) solution. Whether you’re ready for convergence today or a year from now, your options will be open and investment will be secure.
  • Smooth migration path from ipLDK-100/300 in LG-Ericsson BCS portfolio
  • Former investments in TDM extensions and trunks protected and leveraged
  • Enhanced IP generic platform and open standards based architecture for the future

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