Tổng đài LG Ericsson Aria SOHO

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Tổng đài LG Ericsson Aria SOHO

LG Ericsson Aria SOHO
Digital Hybrid System

In the small telephony market, the most important issue for users would be the values such as “users-friendliness” and “cost-effectiveness”. In pursuit of these two values, traditionally LG-Ericsson (LG-Nortel) has been providing hybrid architecture in the small telephony system which contributes to save an initial investment cost by giving flexibility in configuration.

As the concept – HYBRID suggests, each of physical port can be assigned either as a multi-function key telephone interface or as a standard single line telephone interface. Therefore, the system recognizes automatically the type of extension when a terminal is plugged-in. However, as telephony industry has already moved into digital technology, LG-Ericsson (LG-Nortel) has introduced enhanced hybrid KTS with digital technology replacing the old analogue hybrid KTS which is outdated for keeping up with latest market demands.

Since included in LG-Ericsson (LG-Nortel) SMB telephony solutions, ARIA SOHO LG-Ericssons’s digital hybrid telephony system has a consistency in features and services which are available through other latest telephony solutions except for ISDN, VoIP services.

Plug & Play Facility The ARIA-SOHO thru its full-hybrid architecture gives maximum flexibility in selecting types of terminals whether dealing with Analogue SLT, Fax or Digital Keyset. As standard the ARIA-SOHO provides Caller ID to both Digital and Single Line Phones without the need for an add-on module. Also Fax Detection is available as standard on the System allowing end users the ability to have fax and voice calls automatically routed to the correct destination.

Full Featured System
The ARIA-SOHO is delivered with the same programming features to that of its larger brothers in the ipLDK range. For customers not needing the features that go hand in hand with ISDN and VOIP services, the ARIA-SOHO takes care of all other requirements with all standard System Features available with add modules available for services such as Voicemail and Auto-Attendant

Key Features
Up to 3 Analogue (PSTN) lines
Up to 8 extensions (Telephones)
Wall Mountable
Automatic Fax transfer
3 party conference
Time of Day call routing

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