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Bittel Mesh TV

Next Generation IPTV System

Complete end-to-end system built-in house based on telco-grade IPTV technology including our proprietary Middleware, Gateway for encoding and transcoding as well as its very own Video Servers and Monitoring System. MeshTV is a state-of-the-art IPTV solution with many unique features.


MeshTV Middleware Platform
Built on the latest web technology that provides guest-facing interactive applications and IPTV services to the guest. Provides an external interface via Web Services API or standard based interface.
Picture-in-Picture provides guests with the ability to watch a secondary channel alongside the main TV channel.
Guests will be able to select and subscribe to VOD movies from a very user-friendly menu. All movies will be categorized into different genres. The pricing plan can be further customized to allow more dynamic and flexible pricing of VOD services to encourage higher usage.
Flight Information
Real time inbound and outbound flight information provided through the Flight Information applet.
TV Messaging
The TV messaging can be set by either front desk staff, the premises operator or a third party to enable message to be played back via the TV to the guest. PMS and 3rd party system integration is required to enable this feature.
TV Room Service
Further integration with the Hotel’s F&B POS will allow guest to place their room service order of directly through their in-room TV which will help increase the hotel service consumption and streamline the ordering service.
TV Housekeeping, Engineering and Concierge
Housekeeping, Engineering and Concierge staff will be able to use an intuitive TV interface to feedback room conditions, mini-bar consumption, maintenance request, etc. to hotel management for prompt support and service.
Folio Review and Express Checkout
This function provides guest with instant access to their Folio through the TV and also allows Express Checkout via the same interface.
Parental Control
Parents traveling with their kids can restrict access to Paid Services and adult content by enabling Parental Control via their TV interface.
Hotel Facilities Information Portal
The Hotel Facilities Applet provides a user-friendly interactive information portal with multimedia content. The entire hotel’s compendium can be made interactive on the Hotel’s information Portal for convenient browsing.
Proximity Map and Points-of-Interest
The Local Map applet provides convenient orientation of the local surroundings to guests. The maps are divided into sections to zoom in and out individually.
World Clock and TV Wakeup Call
The World Clock applet provides customizable date and time information to guest. At their convenience, hotel guest can also set their TV Wake Up call through the TV Interface.
Hotel’s loyalty program members can personalize their TV interface and content preferences through the TV Personalization interface. Integration with Hotel’s loyalty management system is available.
Digital Signage
Our Digital Signage function allows higher performance graphic rendering and video processing. This enables robust Digital Signage applications on the same IPTV platform as the in-room entertainment.
Live TV Time Shift and Recording
Enables guests to pause a live TV channel or record whole programs during their stay. Ideal for live sport events. Storage can be at set-up box or in the network.


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