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Sleep quality: the key to hotel guest satisfaction and loyalty

Low sleep quality is a significant source of dissatisfaction for hotel guests whose body clocks and sleeping habits are subjected to disruptions when travelling ( think jet lag ).

By raising the quality of your guests’ sleep, you will gain the opportunity to significantly raise their levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

As experts in the field of sleep quality, we provide you with the tools to let your guests enjoy a significantly higher quality of sleep through simple and truly innovative methods.

This offer covers both the full range of NightCove products as well as our customization services designed to meet your particular needs.

NightCove standard versions

Combining innovative aesthetics and technologies to provide high-quality sleep:

Developed to fit harmoniously into the design of luxury hotel guestrooms, NightCove offers scientifically-validated light and sound programs for sleep and wake-up.
Its design and the atmosphere it creates make NightCove a seductive and fascinating product which gives any room an ambiance of real serenity and protection.
NightCove can be easily integrated into guestrooms using different installation options:

Placed or fixed on the bedside table
• Mounted on a stand or a wall bracket
• Directly fitted in the wall or bedside panel

Your customized NightCove solution
An interface with the hotel systems (PMS and other systems):

Remotely launch a welcome sequence in the guestroom.
Set the wake-up time and favorite sleep program directly from the front desk. • Store your key guests’ sleep preferences on your hotel’s computer systems
An interface with existing in-room technology:

• Guestroom lighting control
• Guestroom air conditioning
• Guestroom automated blinds
• Existing TV/Hi-Fi equipment

Take the wellness experience of your clients to a new level!

Zyken’s products allow for the creation of perfectly integrated solutions, at the service of the quality of your spa treatments:

During the treatment by offering personalized lighting and sound sequences which enhance relaxation and comfort for your clients so as to reach better efficiency of your treatment.
At the end of the treatment by offering lighting and sound sequences which favor a smooth return of energy and vitality for your clients
Our teams are available to provide you with all the necessary details to integrate Zyken’s solutions in your projects.

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