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NEW! - Dual Dock Alarm Clock Radio for iPad, iPhone for iPod


Made for Hotel
Single Day Alarm
prevents your previous guests unwanted alarms from sounding
Flexible 30 pin connector to charge & play iPhone 4 and other legacy iOS devices
Gentle Wake Alarm wakes sleepers up gradually with increasing volume
DST switch for automatic daylight savings time adjustment
3 preset buttons for FM stations
Attached hard-wired Aux line-in patch cord
PLL tuning
Easy-to-set alarm with printed instructions on cabinet
Display of radio frequency/ volume level
High/Low Volume limiter for large or small rooms
High-fidelity stereo drivers in specially designed Reson8 speaker chambers
Relax to soothing Nature Sounds
Security tether with tamper proof screw
Battery Backup (batteries included)
Wake to iPad or iPhone with Lightning connector,
docking 30-pin iPod, iPad and iPhone, FM radio, or buzzer
Flexible Lightning dock to charge and play all iPhone and iPod models with Light
Clear FM Reception
USB port to charge devices using the cable included with your device
Time Sync to instantly set clock to always-current iPhone time
Display indicators
Display clock/calendar, info from the iPod, radio tuning, volume level, alarm information

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