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FIDELIO 8 Hotel Sofware


FIDELIO Front Office Management

What else?

A software that stands for hospitality: Fidelio Suite8 focuses on your guest, because perfect service, unobtrusive but always present, is your goal. What is new about Fidelio Suite8? We call it integration. All the functional borders that used to interfere with the comprehensive viewing of data and information have been removed. The Reception Desk is now using the same data pool as the Sales Office or Catering Department.

Anything for anybody, and to each his own!

Front Office Example: the Reception Desk is gathering important data. Is the guest a non-smoker? Is he travelling with his golf bag? With a pet? Is he a vegetarian? Does he have special requests? All these details are immediately transferred to the central database, which is available for all employees. You decide who will have access to which information. All features can be personalised, because Reservations will need different information than Housekeeping.

FIDELIO Front Office Management

  • Rooms Management and Reservations
  • Group and Allotment Handling
  • Housekeeping
  • Revenue and Cashier Management
  • Guest Profiles and Stay History
  • Packages
  • Online bookings via myfidelio-homepage

FIDELIO Customer Relationship Management

A satisfied guest will return. Invite him!

Sales Department Example: We have renamed this module „Customer Relationship Management“ (CRM), because the one-dimensional view on guest data is a thing of the past. Fidelio Suite8 offers a global view on your guests’ requests and needs. Does a guest always stay with you for a special event? Does he always travel alone? Booking via the company? A bank manager travelling by himself will find a copy of the Financial Times in his room upon his arrival from now on. The 8 members of a visiting sports club will find information about the city’s hottest clubs and bars, and a hobby golf-player will have the phone numbers of all golf courses in your area waiting for him. This is what we call customer service. And because you have information like this, you can send your customer an offer whenever there is something of interest to him going on in your area. This way you will be taking care of your guests all year round, even when they are not staying with you. We call that active sales. Flexible bill handling provides a fast and easy checkout.

Sales Example:

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module provides a global view on your guests’ preferences and needs, and therefore enables you to make individual and attractive offers, for example, when there is a special event in your area that is of interest to the guest. This way you will be providing excellent service all year round, even when a guest is not currently staying with you – a customer relationship that will be a true benefit.

FIDELIO Customer Relationship Management

  • Contact Data Management
  • Activity Calendar
  • Sales Department Administration

FIDELIO Catering & Conference Management

A hotel is not just for sleeping …

Bedrooms are not all a hotel has to offer. Receptions and congresses, parties and anniversaries, conferences and meetings – the Catering Department plays a crucial part in your hotel’s profitability. Therefore, the Catering & Conference Management (CCM) module is one of Suite8’s core functionalities. CCM accesses the consolidated Oracle database, just as Front Office does. The database is the heart of Fidelio Suite8. All information is stored and managed there.

You see it. You sell it.

Conference bookings and room bookings are happening at the same level as Catering & Conference Management. Data that has been entered once is subsequently available anytime and anywhere. There will be no risk of error due to double entries. The CCM module enables you to view the current status easily, as all information is displayed on a single user interface screen. It also helps to sell available space in the medium and long term. This will improve your hotel’s yield.

Everything is running…

Another advantage: Everybody has access to all data. You can easily view technical equipment for a conference or the requested seating for a banquet with 150 guests. Details are conveniently displayed: menus and serving times, beverage sequences, planned time for speeches requiring the service to stop, and more.

FIDELIO Catering & Conference Management

  • Conference Bookings
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Coordination of Tasks and Activities
  • Resource Management
  • Calendar of Events
  • Room planner – user-friendly
  • graphical display of function rooms


HOTEL CONNECTOR – An advantage in efficiency

Ideally suited for hotel co-operations, small hotel chains and owners of more than one hotel – where exchange of guest profiles is an added benefit but hotels are to remain individual.

HOTEL CONNECTOR can link several hotels, for example within a chain or co-operation. One hotel is designated as the master hotel; the so-called “central”, all linked hotels are partner hotels. The tool allows the exchange and synchronisation of guest profiles, individual reservations as well as availability checks in connected hotels. It also offers generating joint statistics.

Everything at a glance

At first all guest profiles are collected and saved to the local database at the individual hotel. HOTEL CONNECTOR P&S then allows synchronising and exchanging these profiles, as well as individual access to each connected hotel. The requested profile is shown in the respective local format. Special statistics like Manager Report, Revenue Report or Cross Reference Report can be generated and managed at the central Master Hotel. Users can generate an overview of all hotels and an analysis of the entire chain.

Room rates and availability can be synchronised among all hotels, if required. HOTEL CONNECTOR R&A enables checking availability by date, number of adults or children, and reservations in all the connected hotels. It also provides synchronisation of guest profiles. The choice is yours – you decide what will be best.

HOTEL CONNECTOR Profiles & Statistics contains:

  • Guest Profiles
  • Guest History
  • Statistics
  • Revenue Report
  • Manager Report

HOTEL CONNECTOR Cross Reservations & Availability contains:

  • Availability Check
  • Reservations at connected hotels

FIDELIO Suite8 – The custom-made solution

Differentiating needs logic!

Whether your hotel is a conference site or a sports hotel, a boarding house or a luxurious spa: The business logic of Fidelio Suite8 contains all parameters relevant to the structure of your site. Your advantage: concise and precise information, clear display structures, perfectly integrated for any type of analysis.

FIDELIO Suit8 Cube Reports

  • Analysis, Statistics, Reports
  • Detailed Company Statistics
  • Room Category Statistics
  • Forecasting
  • Sales Manager Statistics
  • Daily Revenue Reports
  • Export to Microsoft Excel

FIDELIO Suite 8 - the custom-made solution

  • Private Hotels
  • Hotel Groups
  • City Hotels
  • Business Hotels
  • Conference Hotels
  • Hotel Co-operations
  • Resort Hotels
  • Sports and Golf Hotels
  • Family and Leisure Hotels
  • Spas and Health Resorts
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Boarding Houses

Suite8 - not only Facebook works with Skype! Suite8 has integration with Skype!

Skype functionality in Suite8 allows you to call the number directly to the team or company and to accept incoming calls. For incoming calls, telefonʺt ringing and numbers on obaždaŝiâ it shows in Suite8 with pop-HTML display.
Of course, we also We keep other telephone systems, which maintain TAPI functionality.

FIDELIO Suite8 Small Business

Specifically designed for hotels up to 50 rooms Van Hessen offers Fidelio Small Business 8 (SB8). Fidelio SB8 has been designed on the Fidelio Suite 8 platform and has practically the same functionality.

Fidelio SB8 includes all functionalities for automated hotel management including:

  • Reservations
  • Reception and billing
  • Housekeeping
  • End-of-day closing and reports
  • Relations management

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