FCS Winsuite - Winvoice

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FCS Winsuite - Winvoice

FCS Winsuite, Connect & Iservices
FCS Winsuite is an industry standard hospitality call billing and PMS interface system. FCS Connect automates guest requests from direct call, IVR and IP phone to messaging via Alcatel-Lucent mobility devices. FCS Iservices introduces rich contents accessible at ease to the hotel guests from the Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch phone. 

With "FCS Technology To Serve Your Guests", we provide solutions suite endorsed by hotel chains:
increase phone call usage with flexible billings
improve guest services and experiences with rich IP phone content
increase hotel operation efficiency with automated guest requests management and improved hotel staff communication.

Specializes in total solutions for hoteliers by providing call accounting, IP telephony, voice mail, guest requests, and staff performance. FCS provides global support capability with 4000 customers over the world.


FCS WinVoice 
An industry-renowned dynamic voice messaging system tailored for hotels and resorts that enables all voice service operations via Interactive Voice Response (IVR). FCS WinVoice is seamlessly integrated with all major PMS and PABX systems, ensuring guest and staff voicemails are handled securely and efficiently. Guest voice mailboxes are automatically created upon guest check-in and deleted at check-out, and if a guest changes rooms during their stay, their mailboxes will move with them.

Aside from the voicemail function, WinVoice supports room status updates and mini-bar posting to the PMS in real time. It also allows single or repeated Auto-Wake-Up (AWU) calls to be set for groups and individuals.


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