Tổng đài Avaya Media Server S8500

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Tổng đài Avaya Media Server S8500

The Avaya Media Server S8500 PBX model is an industrial server (1U 19") manufactured by IBM, controlled by industrial operating system Linux (RedHat distribution kit) on which Avaya Communication Manager operates as an application. This server implements a distributed architecture, in which the control central processor is outside the port shelves. There is no hot server standby and no backup for control voice intraoffice channels (Simplex Reliability configuration). Instead, there is a backup for the weakest of the computer unit – the hard drive that stores the software and user configuration (RAM disk).
Port and auxiliary cards are controlled via the control cards (IP Server Interface - IPSI), installed on each port network. The port networks consist of universal G650 media gateway, designed for installation of TN cards. Architecturally, the network consists of two servers, and 1..64 port networks (each port network consists of 1..5 G650 cabinets). All connections (both control and intraoffice voice connections) between the server and the port networks are established using IP transport technology (existing or newly built IP network).
In addition to G650, the S8500 server, which supports CMC1, SCC1, MCC1, G350, and G700 media gateways, is recommended as a gateway in new systems because of its versatility.

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