Tổng đài Avaya Media Server S8300

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Tổng đài Avaya Media Server S8300

The Avaya S8300 Media Server is an MM (Media Module) card, installed into the G700 or G350 media gateway. This solution combines the power of the Avaya MultiVantage™ software and the functionality of the Cajun™ P330 distributed packet switch (with G700 Media Gateway)

This combination provides the functions of an IP PBX designed using H.323 and H.248 (MEGACO) standard protocols and industrial operating system Linux (RedHat distribution kit) on which Avaya Communication Manager operates as an application. Thanks to its scalability and modularity, the solution can support a variety of configurations. In a few words, S8300 in a G700 Media Gateway is a Definity in 2U 19-inch version. S8300 is positioned as the core of the distributed network of small to mid-size enterprises that have headquarters and offices with a total number of up to 50 network nodes and predominant number of IP ports. Depending on the needs and size of the location, the G700 or G350 Media Gateway can be used as a platform for a network node.

TDM port capacity expansion is implemented by installing the media modules in the media gateway slots. Currently existing media modules provide interfaces for all types of networks – analog two-wire PSTN, digital PSTN, WAN-access, and Ethernet LAN.

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