Tổng đài Avaya Definity SI

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Tổng đài Avaya Definity SI

The AVAYA Definity SI PBX model with capacity of up to 2800 ports (400 trunks and 2,400 subscribers) is available in two types of cases – ESCC (Enhanced Single-Carrier Cabinet) and GMCC (Global Multi-Carrier Cabinet) and provides, 70 and 89 free slots respectively. The Single-Carrier Cabinet is made up of individual shelves installed one on another up to 4 shelves vertically as the station expands. The base (processor) single-carrier cabinet shelf contains 16 free slots. The system is scaled by adding port shelves containing 18 free slots. The total capacity of the system, designed in an ESCC cabinet of 4 shelves, is 70 slots.

The Multi-Carrier Cabinet (MCC) is a monolithic cabinet, in which shelves for cards can be installed. The basic configuration of the MCC includes a processor module with 9 free slots. The maximum number of shelves in the MCC is 5. The system is scaled by adding 20 seats in each cabinet shelve.

Thus, the total number of free universal slots is 89. If free connection slots in the cabinet are exhausted when adding new modules, then the system is further scaled by adding an expansion or remote cabinet. Structurally, a remote cabinet looks the same as the main cabinet, but does not contain a processor module.

Connection with a rate of 34 Mbit/s between the central and remote cabinets is via a fiber-optic cable and, depending on the chosen transceiver, it can reach up to 35 km without intermediate amplifiers. For communication between the cases, one expansion interface card terminating in an optical transceiver module is installed in each cabinet.

A remote cabinet can be a single-carrier or multi-carrier cabinet. Just like a processor cabinet, it can also be scaled by adding port shelves with 18 and 20 connection slots. The entire G3SI model supports two remote cabinets. When using ESCC cases, the total number of connection slots is 141 for the “main cabinet + one remote cabinet” configuration and 212 for the “main cabinet + two remote cabinets” configuration. When using GMCC cases – 186 and 281 connection slots respectively.

To increase system resilience, fiber-optic communication between the cabinets can be duplicated, while the cable can be laid in different ways. The central processor of the system can also be duplicated. The AVAYA Definity SI PBX model is intended to cover subscriber capacity of 100 ports, and can be further expanded up to 2,400 subscriber ports. If the required system capacity is from 1,000 subscribers and more, the most suitable option is a system in a GMCC case, because the size, weight and power consumption of SI system depends on the number of shelves

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