iDapt i4+ TA-9850L

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iDapt i4+ TA-9850L

iDapt i4+ TA-9850L

The iDapt i4+ allows you to charge up to 4 portable devices simultaneously using the easily interchangeable tips, and it is because of these interchangeable tips that the iDapt i4+ will keep up with the fast pace technology industry as it brings out new gadgets and devices for your guests to use. iDapt creates new tips as these new devices are launched.

Enhance Guest Experiences
Guests can charge up to 4 portable devices simultaneously witht he easy to use interchangeable tips which are compatible with over 4,500. The i4+ doesnt only features 3 tip charging points, but has 1 additional USB charging port allowing your guests to charge their electronics without the mess of tangled cords or the need for more than one outlet.

Each tip provides 5W 1A.
USB port provides up to 20W 2.1A.
Universal and future proof with its innovative tips.
Charges up to 4 different devices simultaneously.
Rocking tip makes iDapt sturdy for everyday use.
USB port available.
Elegant design with small footprint.
Purchase new tips as new devices are launched.
Includes 5 tips;
- Micro USB x2
- Mini USB
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 5 Lightning

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