Sumavision MiddleWare

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Sumavision MiddleWare

Sumavision middleware gives a uniform and excellent interface to different types of STB, providingenjoyable user experience at the terminal. As a uniform platform for value-added service, middleware helps operators deploy services smoothly and efficiently.

Open platform
• Java/Browser double engine
• Open API, easy development for third-party value-added services
• Portable Java applications
Great User Experience
• Quick boot
• Smooth operation
• User friendlyinterface
• NGB standard
• International MHP standard

1. Dual-core Structure of JAVA Virtual Machine and Browser
2. Three Operation Supporting Tools
3. Uniform Application Program Management
4. Uniform Loader System
5. Support to Third-party Development and Guarantee of Say of Broadcast and TV Operator
6. Wide STB adaptivity
7. Full Two-way and Interactive Support

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