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Sumavision Logo Inserter

xView 5100 is areal-time processing system which overlays subtitle information in real-time TS stream program.The whole system achieves "transparent overlay", the parameters of input and output programs are basicallythe same.
xView 5100Logo Insertand Subtitle Process systemis based onserver encoding/decoding technology, which supports inpu tand output of TSstream programin MPEG-2,H.264. The overlay subtitle information contains text, static logo caption,dynamic cornermarksand so on, which has excellents moothness, anti-aliasing,anti-flicker and translucent effects. xView 5100 Logo insertand Subtitle Process system adopts IP input and output, and fits IPtotal solution.With Sumavision's otherequipment,such as EMR, the system can be used in ASI system.

• Multi-protocol, multi-format subtitle processor, especially designed for STB
• Supporting various subtitle inserting, such as text, caption subtitle, foot mark subtitle, the amount of subtitle is unlimited
• Supporting subtitle scrolling, black edging
• Subtitle overlay of video in MPEG-2, H.264
• Audio pass through in MPEG-1 Layer1/2/3, HE-AAC, AAC-LC, AC3, EAC3
• Supporting 720*576, 1280*720, 704*480 resolution ratio
• The parameters of the original streams stay the same before/after content insertion
• Process up to 24 SD program, or 6 HD program as maximum.

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