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Sumavision EPON

Sumavision PN8600 adopts the next generation product architecture leading in the network transmission area, main control and business board adopts double star bus architecture , not only ensures the bandwidth of users, but also ensures fast switch when it fail to work. PN8600 serials product support various types of hot plug interface board, support switch of the key board to achieve 1+1/1:1protection,prevent single point of failure effectively.

According to the needs of different operators, Topvision supply with medium and small capacity of OLT equipment, PN8603, PN8602 respectively, coordinated with terminal equipment such as ONU/ONT/E2-CMTS equipment to provide complete FTTX access scheme, satisfied the characteristic demand of the users with voice, data, video business needs

High speed processing of business: multi-business processing platform, greatly improve the system processing capacity
Large capacity processing: using 10GE exchange platform, T level backplane capacity
DBA:support flexible bandwidth allocation and QoS, so as to ensure the quality of service
High reliability: control and business adopts the double star structure, passive optical network transmission, optical fiber detection, ensure the safety of the network
Operation and maintenance convenience: no need much maintenance because of passive components used in the system transmission
XPON compatible platform:system is compatible with EPON、2.5GEPON、10GEPON、GPON、NGPON platform.

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