Housekeeping Cart Model AL2205

Brand: Alumihk
Product Code: Housekeeping cart
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Housekeeping Cart Model AL2205

Material: Stainless steel + high-density plywood + 2 bag+ 4 wheels 
Size: 1420 * 460 * 1140 (mm) 
1, two caster, promote, facilitate smart steering. 
2, iron surface temperature paint to prevent rust, red walnut board laminates, more solid, load-bearing stronger. 
3, optional use with sub-grid column 
4, the bottom edge of the wheel with a crash, effectively prevent impact damage to the vehicles and other items 
5, the product full disassembly, packaging, small size, to save transportation costs. 
6, the product carton + wooden packaging to effectively prevent shipping damage 
7, plans to provide samples of products 

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